Why bodybuilders are stupid

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It is very interesting to analyze the state of the builders speaking in why bodybuilders are stupid social networks. Very often they extend motivating quotes and write about how difficult the path of a modern athlete is.

It is very interesting to analyze the state of the builders speaking in why bodybuilders are stupid social networks. Very often they extend motivating quotes and write about how difficult the path of a modern athlete is. They trust that when training bodies, they develop quickly and stand out from the general mass of people, who in most cases remain at the same level of development, drink and chew fast food. If you summarize the meaning of your affirmations, you have to actively balance yourself and only in this case will you become a super human.

We are only for young people and not many people to practice sports, but there is a "but". Why do builders trust that active iron training helps to harmoniously develop a person as an individual? With what right can pitching be considered an elite and all the others a kind of "office plankton"? Obviously, the hardened muscles give self-confidence, but this often manifests itself only in the room.

Surely you have met such athletes, who during training behave blatantly and even defiantly, but if you find them elsewhere, then all this fuse suddenly disappears. Of course, this does not apply to all builders, but only to certain types of people. Many athletes in life are well developed not only physically, but also intellectually. The question of why pitching is boring is often not completely correct, because you can not judge everyone by several people.

You must understand that bodybuilding is a complex sport and is an excellent way to develop physical skills. But, after all, other qualities of personality, say, professional or social, are no less important in life. Today we are talking about why pitching is boring and for many it is just a stereotype, like that all blondes do not have great mental abilities. Everything depends on the person and the harmonious development of the personality, it is not enough to deal only with your body.

Why pitching is stupid: the main reasons

Around the intellectual capacities of why bodybuilders are stupid athletes have developed many myths, and we will talk about them. However, they do not always turn out to be mistakes, and now we are going to consider several reasons that show why the launch is boring. Keep in mind that this applies only to those who, with the exception of training, do not think of anything else.

bodybuilders are stupid

  1. Narrow perspective. Maybe, this is one of the main reasons. Due to the limited perspective, the intellectual abilities are crushed. It is hard to argue with the fact that if you spend most of your time in the room, then the desire to develop intellectually is meaningless. In the best case, you can watch television in the background. And most of the time it's sports news, so there was something to talk about, tomorrow in the locker room with the boys.
  2. Constant stress Very often, people under stress comprise several unpleasant situations. However, for the body, stress is all that causes the imbalance, which is constantly striving. Physical charges also fit this definition.
  3. Do sports without a desire to negatively affect the work of the body. While this remains a theory that was presented by American scientists, it seems quite plausible. In his opinion, even moderate sports, which should be useful for health, in the absence of desire produce the opposite effect. If you force yourself to deal with this or that issue, let's say bodybuilding, then it is quite difficult to talk about the development of intellectual skills.
  4. Frequent injuries In professional sports, why bodybuilders are stupid injuries are normal, although amateurs can also be injured. Since we are talking about why pitching is boring, then this reason may not be so relevant. Agree that the development of intellectual abilities, a negative impact mainly produces head injuries. In bodybuilding, they practically do not happen.
  5. Excessive loads Many people dedicate themselves to bodybuilding and trust that they can do without a coach. However, this is not entirely correct, because excessive loads negatively affect the body and can cause a decrease in intellectual abilities. I agree that in a state of depression, which is characteristic of overtraining, there will not be a great desire to learn something new.
  6. High concentration of endorphins. During training, the body produces active endorphins, which in their effects can be compared with drugs.

In addition, there are quite interesting results of scientific research. For example, in Berlin, scientists questioned visitors to various gyms and none of them knew which muscles work when doing an exercise. Observation why bodybuilders are stupid is very interesting, because without that knowledge it is impossible to pump muscle effectively. It should also be remembered that if a person spends a lot of time in the room, then they simply do not have time to communicate with other people.

Myths and truthful facts about rolling

All the pitching is stupid

This is the first myth that corresponds completely to today's topic: why pitching is boring. Many people are sure that there is no need for a great mind to lift weights, and a high concentration of testosterone does not contribute to mental activity. Absolutely wrong assumption, because bodybuilding is a very complex sport.

To begin with, for an effective training it is necessary to master the technique of all the exercises ideally, and this can take a month. If the builder wishes to obtain high results, then he must have a certain set of why bodybuilders are stupid in the fields of chemistry, anatomy, physiology, biology and even cooking. To develop the appropriate training programs, you must learn a lot of literature and at least six months to work under the supervision of a competent coach. Agree that the fool simply can not do it.